Lubbers Quarters

Lubbers Quarters is part of the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas, along the Caribbean Sea. It is settled between Marsh Harbour and Elbow Cay and is very accessible via Hopetown. The island is extremely small, measuring 1.6km wide and 800 meters long.

Although small, Lubbers Quarters boasts a handful of private, sandy beaches that knowledgeable locals love to take advantage of. Typically, these pristine beaches have fewer crowds and only attract the odd jogger or walker.

The island is only accessible by boat. Visitors can utilize ferry boats to get them there or they may rent boats from the neighboring Hopetown or Marsh Harbour.

Visiting Lubbers Quarters

Lubbers Quarters is a very quiet island, with no real anchorages for visitors. The beaches are a great place to set up for the day; however, resorts, restaurants, and other amenities are located in nearby towns.

There are all kinds of accommodations within three miles of this island. Accommodations include Hope Town Inn & Marina, Albury’s Ferry Service, Gaffer’s Dockside Bar & Grill, Tahiti Beach, Abaco Asian Market, and Hope Town Harbour Lodge.

There are a handful of properties that you can rent on the island, including waterfront properties with room for multiple guests. These secluded properties are perfect for a private getaway and boast beautiful views of palm trees and undisturbed sunsets.

Anyone who loves the water has all kinds of options on Lubbers Quarters Cay. This location is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and boating. For anyone who doesn’t have their own equipment, local businesses in surrounding towns offer all of the equipment, lessons, and tours you could ever need.

Hurricane Weather Watch

In August of 2019, the Bahamas were hit by one of the worst tropical storms in their history. Some of the areas that were hit the hardest included Grand Bahamas and the Abacos. Lubbers Quarters was one of the locations that experienced serious damage, with homes being stripped, and trees being uprooted.

If you are thinking about visiting the Bahamas or moving to this location, certainly look into the area’s present state post-storm before planning your travels.