Elbow Cay Real Estate

About Elbow Cay

Elbow Cay is an 8-mile cay located in the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. It is east of the popular Marsh Harbour, where visitors usually fly into before ferrying to Elbow Cay.

The main village of this cay, Hope Town, is located at the northern end. Elbow Cay sits in the middle of Man-O-War Cay and Tillo Cay. While the area remained fairly untouched in comparison to other areas along the Abaco Islands, updates in transportation have helped to improve the economy in this area.

History of Elbow Cay

Similar to many other small towns on Abaco Island, Elbow Cay became home to many British loyalists after the independence of the United States. The residents had been looking for British territory to settle on, and many of them happened upon the Bahamas.

The small cay was able to sustain its locals with boat building, fishing, and salvaging. In the main village of Hope Town stands one of the most iconic pieces of property from Elbow Cay’s long past. It is the Elbow Reef Lighthouse, which was built in 1863. It stands as a beacon amongst the new houses, marinas, and resorts in the area.

Elbow Cay was fairly isolated up until 1959. At this time, an airport was built in Marsh Harbour, allowing better access and an increase in the local population.

The Growing Economy

Elbow Cay’s main village of Hopetown is the area’s largest settlement. It boasts a number of grocery stores, boutique stores, restaurants, and real estate opportunities.

The Harbour Lodge in Hopetown is the most notable hotel to stay in. It is often visited by people staying in other parts of the Abaco Islands.

Visitors who travel south can also take advantage of Tahiti Beach. This beach is said to offer some of the most beautiful views and best snorkeling opportunities. Water and beach-lovers are encouraged to visit this spot during their stay.

In recent news, Hurricane Dorian swept through the Bahamas in August of 2019. Many of the towns and cays were decimated in its wake, and Elbow Cay also received a brunt of the damage.