Man-o-War Cay Real Estate

About Man-o-War Cay

Man-O-War Cay is a beautiful island in the Bahamas. Accessing the island is only possible by boat, with most visitors coming from the neighboring Marsh Harbour.

History of the Island

During the late 1790s, British Loyalists were fleeing after their defeat in the war. They began landing on nearby Crown Territory, which happened to include the Bahamas.

They came across Man-O-War, and it became their home. It wasn’t until 1820 that a man by the name of Benjamin Albury landed on the island and met a local woman. Her name was Eleanor Archer, and her family had been living on the island for many years.

The pair eventually wed and began to build their roots on the island. Today, more than half of the Albury’s that call Man-O-War home have family roots leading back to Benjamin and Eleanor. The large family has created many businesses on Man-O-War, which are still in service today.

Geography of Man-O-War

Man-O-War is a particularly long but narrow island. It measures approximately 4km in length, but in some locations, it is almost impossible to travel because of the lack of land.

One exceptionally small area of the land is referred to as “The Narrows”. This spot has a beach on either side, with a roadway in between that can become unreachable.

Enjoying Man-O-War

The people of Man-O-War have always been popular for their building skills. These days, though, it is also a beautiful sport for residents and locals to enjoy the beaches, warm weather, and relaxed lifestyle.

Many people commute to Man-O-War from other local towns for work. The island boasts two grocery stores, a boatyard, restaurants, and a bakery. It also offers a hardware store, a gift shop, and other helpful amenities for visitors and locals.

Sustaining the Harsh Weather

Hurricanes are common throughout the area; fortunately, many of the homes were built “like ships”. The framework of these homes is sturdy and long-lasting. This is fortunate since the largest tropical storm, Hurricane Dorian, went through the Bahamas in August 2019.

Many of the local islands were completely destroyed, and Man-O-War experienced losses and damage as well.